Wednesday, 7 March 2001


 Today I went across the street to Union Station to grab lunch and I saw one of those people with layered, permed, & frosted hair with one of those black leather jackets with the fringe, ala Bon Jovi circa 1986-7. I love that this sort of thing still exists, for my amusement of course. And I was doubly surprised to see this sort of thing in the city. Where I grew up, that's another story. I imagine mullets still reign supreme there. I don't even think I can begin to explain how much I used to love Michael Jackson and Thriller. But this is downright scary. Ick. What the hell happened to him? 

Tuesday, 6 March 2001


Yesterday Nanette pointed out that Nick at Nite was airing 80's tv shows marathons this week. Sure enough, last night after Junkyard Wars I tuned in to catch some of Silver Spoons with the absolutely adorable Ricky Schroeder and his weirdly feathered hair. I recall even having a crush on Ricky's smarmy friend Derek (played by Jason Batemen). I loved that show. And, to my even greater delight, a dorky teenage Sarah Jessica Parker & co. will be seen in a marathon of Square Pegs, which I so loved. I wanted desperately to be like Jennifer, the valley girl (played by Tracy Nelson, she the sister of the blond twin brothers & hair metal-pop stars Nelson). I even recall, if my memory serves me correctly, that The Waitresses did the theme song.

From the idiot files: sky-diving from space.